Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is an essay

An essay, in my opinion, is a structured written response to anything from a book, a movie or a certain prompt. Essays do not have to be a response to something though, they can be about anything really. I have only written essays in school so I think of them in a different way as older people. I did not realize that essay could actually be a verb so i looked it up on and it means "to attempt". I found this very interesting because I did not know that and that for most essays you do have to essay. Now that i know the other context for the word I plan on using it more.


  1. Hmm...are you saying I'm old? ;)

    Ideally you should be enacting the verb "essay" each time you write an essay -- but I think a lot of the time people think they don't like essays because they've never really gotten a chance to try or attempt anything in an essay; they've been asked to churn out words in formulaic chunks which resemble an essay only superficially.

  2. Every single time you write an essay you have to essay...sounds weird but makes sense now that I know the other definition.