Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CH. 3

This chapter was very interesting and had a lot of insight from college students so I can really relate to it. It talked about your "authentic self" and your performance self" and the difference between them and why one is more likely to plagiarize than the other. The performance self is the one that is more likely to do it because it strives to achieve its academic goals and will do whatever it takes to get to those goals. The authentic self is more focused on learning and improving in its own way than getting a specific grade. The authentic self is more appreciated and is preferred but it is hard to be purely authentic. Everything we learn and do has an outside influence unless you are locked in a room creating things completely on your own, but not many people are going to go through that trouble to stay authentic. We are pressured to perform every day, from doing well at work to school, even your friends expect a performance of some kind. The authentic person disregards what people think of them completely, they don't let what other people want them to be take over their lives. It is not easy to be authentic but there should definitely be more authentic people out there. I can say that I do agree with these two types, because I have seen both kinds of people and they have portrayed these selves and even in my own life have had times where I needed to perform and may have done something I normally don't do to finish. I do believe however that these are not the only two selves, I think there is a lot more going on with people and it would be to hard to put them into just two categories. I think I identify more with the authentic self, or at least I hope I do, cheating and plagiarizing are really bad in my opinion and I try not to do either. I try to learn and create on my own with little outside help but realistically it is almost impossible to be truly authentic.

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